February Blog

Hey lovelies,

Big apologies to you all, I haven't blogged since October, So much has happened in those five months, ill explain

Well Christmas was my busiest on record, I completed over 317 orders in November & December. So a BIG thank you to each and everyone of you that was kind enough to use me and to give my products as Gifts. That makes me feel warm!

Joolery is still growing but without your help I wouldn't be in this position.

So for Christmas I was given an industrial embroidery machine by my husband, I was taken to Falmouth to meet another crafter and bring back a new toy for the office, something again I wanted for a long time.

Sooooooo, In January, I decided I needed to do something for myself as holding down two jobs, keeping customers happy and trying to juggle life at home with Stu & the twinkles was getting too much ,I handed in my notice, this hurt Im not going to lie. My boss was incredible and still is there for me, which Is also amazing. So this idea I have been toying with for 6-12 months prior.

So February has been my first month riding solo, very daunting, very scary but also very exciting, I cant explain the feeling. Its also been a very busy one with lots of work which is amazing, thank you so much

I also stepped into another territory this week.....Vlogging. Something I said I would never do..... Getting behind a camera and chatting to you in like a live video. Now that is scary, but I think its the next step to get my face out there and you can see me,. I haven't shown my face yet as I have been hiding behind a filter, this is a must... Trust me! Im slowing getting the hang of it.


Touching back to Joolery. I now have the embroidery machine, I can offer Workwear, Towels and lots more products, bringing personalisation to a whole new level.

Right on that note, Im off to wrap up all the star sweaters I sold last week, you loved them, I have extended them for one more week.

As a gesture of goodwill, use REP at checkout for a little treat and a massive thank you from me to you.

I will keep these going as much as I can.

Much Love


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