• Jules

Summer vibes

Hello gang !

BIG apologies that I haven’t been in contact, Joolery has gone from strength to strength in the last few months that I’m considering premises, which is exciting and very scary at the same time, with expansion comes huge changes so I’m currently weighing options up

I have lots more lines coming out so keep your eyes peeled, I try to be as fresh as I can be, christmas isn’t a million miles away so hopefully the organised peeps in the crowd can grab some Christmas gifts

Workwear is also going very strong and I have just completed two big NHS orders of over 100 hoodies, I have a huge list of nurseries, schools and one man band companies that just require one or two garments

So I’ll stop rambling and say what I came here to post and that was to give you a 20% code for the website

enter SUMMERVIBES at checkout for 20% baskets of £20.00

I appreciate all your support, love, orders and more importantly recommendations

love you all

much love

jules x www.joolerygifts.co.uk

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With social media being down and nothing to browse tonight, until midnight night, take 20% off ALL products online over £20.00 . order now at www.joolerygifts.co.uk use code SOCIALMEDIA at checkout mu